Michael Spitzbart

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  1. He was born in 2006 and, although he takes medication for a heart murmur, he walks, plays, and eats like a much younger dog.

  2. What should I do?There are many myths about dogs based on the presumption that they are something other than a unique species.

  3. Observation leads me to believe that his shiny black, freshly-washed coat might have something to do with his success.

  4. Ithought only people that were deeply spiritualmight recognize the truths.

  5. Now, if they even see each other, they try to get at each other and fight.

  6. A good rule of thumb is 30 minutes of play will keep the pounds away so get out and get active with your dog to avoid the extra fluff!

  7. ACC, an open-admission shelter, takes in nearly 7,000 cats and dogs a year, plus another 2,700 animals of assorted species.