About Faculty

Faculty of Agriculture was founded in 1979. Currently the faculty has the follwoing programs:


Majors and Programs




Herbal Genetics

Plant Pathology

Agricultural Engineering –Animal Science- Animal Nutrition

Animal Science

Agronomy and Plant Breeding- Plant Breeding

Water Engineering and Sciences- Engineering Water Resources

Water Science and Engineering

Agronomy and Plant Breeding- Agricultural

Agricultural Engineering – Agriculture

Water Science and Engineering- Irrigation and Drainage

Agronomy and Plant Breeding- Genetic and herbal breeds

Animal Science- Animal Nutrition

Soil Engineering

Agronomy and Plant Breeding- Seed science and technology

Animal Science- Poultry Nutrition


Horticultural Sciences - Physiology and remedy for herbs, spices and aromas



Horticultural Sciences- Medicinal and aromatic herbs



Animal Science- Animal Nutrition


  Animal Science- Poultry Nutrition  
  Animal Science- Animal and Poultry Breeding and Genetics  
  Animal Science- Animal and Poultry Physiology