International Scientific Cooperation Office undertakes the following missions and responsibilities:

  • Implementing the internationalization policies of the university
  • Establishing, developing and maintaining relationships with international universities, institutes, and research centers all over the world in order to introduce the potential and facilities of the University of Birjand for mutual cooperation in education, research, and technology
  • Negotiating and concluding agreements and memoranda of understanding with universities and research centers all over the world
  • Organizing professor and student exchange programs
  • Developing and offering double degree undergraduate and postgraduate programs
  • Managing the affairs related to international students
  • Facilitating and promoting international joint projects
  • Applying for the membership of the University of Birjand in regional and international assemblies and organizations
  • Holding professional development courses about international scientific collaboration for faculty members and students
  • Promoting the university’s rank in national and intentional ranking systems
  • Managing the affairs related to sabbatical leave of faculty members and students
  • Organizing and holding international workshops and conferences
  • Organizing the affairs related to participation of faculty members in international conferences
  • Designing and updating the university’s official website in foreign languages
  • Drafting new bylaws and modifying the existing ones to facilitate international cooperation in education and research
  • Building relationships with the International Affairs of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, and other national organizations to facilitate the international affair of the university.