The main responsibilities of the Vice President for Academic and Postgraduate Affairs include:

  • Notifying all the units of legislation, bylaws, and procedural guidelines issued by the president and monitoring their effective enforcement
  • Making and amending regulations, bylaws, and guidelines related to the duties and responsibilities of Vice President for Academic and Postgraduate Affairs in order to be approved by authorities
  • Providing reports on the duties and responsibilities of different related offices of the university and submitting them to the president
  • Recommending qualified candidates to the president of the university in order to take managerial positions in related units and offices
  • Planning and proposing the annual budget of the Vice President with regard to priorities of the university
  • Cooperating with other units of the university to ensure that the university’s plans are closely followed
  • Monitoring the educational policies, regulations, and procedures of the university based on related laws and bylaws
  • Cooperating with other units for the development of new graduate and postgraduate degree programs
  • Coordinating the educational activities of the faculties and presenting the report to the board of directors
  • Evaluating the educational performance of students, faculty members, and directors in each semester and reflecting the results to the president and finally sending the feedback to faculty members
  • Holding short mid-career training courses
  • Planning for providing the facilities and allocating the essential budget for scientific collaboration between the university and Islamic seminary in order to reach religious science and Islamic humanities
  • Developing the academic affairs with regard to the Vision Plan, the Educational Scientific Comprehensive Plan, and Spatial Planning Program
  • Holding empowerment and knowledge acquisition courses and making faculty members as efficient as possible
  • Reviewing and evaluating the content of the syllabuses in order to keep them updated and enrich them as needed and making proposals to the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology
  • Planning for upgrading scientific-expert knowledge of the students in order to prepare them for entering job market
  •  Monitoring and evaluating the enforcement of Iran’s Educational Scientific Comprehensive Plan in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology
  • Performing all other duties assigned by the president