The main responsibilities of Vice President for Student Affairs include:

  • Monitoring the proper enforcement of regulations and bylaws issued by Student Welfare Fund and the university
  • Monitoring the process of providing students with services for accommodation, housing, tuition fee, etc. based on regulations, bylaws, and guidelines of Student Welfare Fund
  • Monitoring the services offered in the restaurants of the university to students, faculty members and staff as well as supervising the preparation, purveyance, cooking and distribution of foodstuffs
  • Monitoring the services provided for students’ welfare and extra-curricular activities
  • Handling all the affairs related to students’ dormitories
  • Preparing the ground for students’ attendance and participation in different activities
  • Preparing the ground for holding various conferences and seminars in the university
  • Planning for providing students and staff with sports and physical education services
  • Motivating students, faculty members and staff to attend sports activities
  • Providing consulting services and social work services in order to prevent behavioral abnormalities and social disorders through offering instructive and supportive plans
  • Dealing with disciplinary affairs based on existing regulations
  • Planning for the development of students’ talents and academic abilities
  • Collecting data and statistics regarding the current status of the university in relevant areas
  • Providing strategic plans in order to recognize the weaknesses and overcome them and utilize the strengths in dealing with various issues
  • Providing essential funds for the development and equipment of dormitories, restaurants, physical education centers and consulting services
  • Coordinating the activities of different units and offices to achieve the goals and fulfill the duties stipulated in policies of the university