The main responsibilities of Vice President for Cultural and Social Affairs include:

  • Enhancing the knowledge and understanding of students, faculty members, and staff of religious values and thoughts
  • Encouraging and promoting national self-reliance and self-esteem
  • Developing Islamic ethics
  • Developing self-awareness and life skills
  • Developing critical thinking, discernment, and insight
  • Promoting responsibility, commitment, and team work
  • Promoting contentment and leading a simple life
  • Promoting Islamic–Iranian life style
  • Improving the atmosphere of vitality, joyfulness, and hopefulness in the university
  • Strengthening openness to criticism among students, faculty members, and staff
  • Introducing the cultural heritage and high-profile figures of Iran to students, faculty members, and staff
  • Identifying the cultural and social challenges and investigating the university’s intellectual and ideological needs
  • Responding to cultural, religious, and social needs of students, faculty members, and staff